treinta festive

Life is an adventure, before you bones start to creak At 30 you’re young, you haven’t started to reek.So take life by the horns, you’ve still ways to grow.
When adventures awaits, take it by the horns and go!

they say

10’s too young, 50’s too old,
30’s the perfect age, you’ve really struck gold
When you’re body starts aging,
And your bones start breaking,
Make sure to smile,
Because 30’s the best age for a while!

It’s that time of your lifeWhen you get to see Your beautiful past (hmm i dont think so but im grateful as always for what i am now )And what’s yet to be  It’s that juncture of your life when you look back and think how quick you’ve grown up,How time has flown in a blink It’s that vantage point of life From where you get a view Of the amazing things That life is going to bring you, thank you papa god






via City break

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