hi followers, reader and fellow presser, im finally back due too my busy lifestyle, work study and some event i dont have much time to write my blog, and now finally this is it.


yeah now a day i was so  busy to my language school and soon i have  an exam, cross finger for this to be positive result,

LANGUAGE SCHOOL if you want to learn danish language this page can help you actually there is a lot of language school here that they good and your money is worth it to pay for.

Yes now you need to pay and before was free if you are foreigner and work and live in Denmark you are free to study and learn there language, but now early this year they change the rules again so you need to pay for 2000 dkk per module, but if you are married to a danish then u are free of charge to learn there language.

what the benefits to learn there language?

IMG_1908 is the world’s most visited independent education directory for the reservation of Danish language study abroad programmes at recommended Danish schools in Denmark. Whether you are looking for language courses at the lowest price, with good quality teaching or with fun leisure activities, we will assist you in finding the best course for you among our carefully selected list of Danish language classes for beginners, intermediate or advanced students.


will if u have a plan to live here or to have a better job, u need to learn there language and its a must, if you want to have a better job then u need to learn but if u prepare not to study its your choice but if u learn is a chance also for you to learn another language.


best in luck.


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