When in Sweden 🇸🇪

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Malmö sweden is a coastal city in southern Sweden. It lies at the eastern end of the striking Öresund Bridge, a long road and railway bridge–tunnel running to Copenhagen, Denmark.


From Copenhagen Central Station station we take a train going to malmo central station since i live in Copenhagen we ised to used to pay a rejeskort (travel card) we pay 120dkk way.

Malmö is the largest city of the Swedish county of Skåne County toad and building are quit amazing, they are friendly city with good choice and cultural attraction


I and my bff plan to meet in malmo to celebrate Christmas we both leave separately place she live in oslo and i live in Copenhagen, though not far but since my cousin was here and she never been any scandic place i have a chance to show to her around malmo and my friend aunt live in malmo we both agree to meet we stay there house chit chat drinking and partying all night.


Malmo shopping experience

All price in malmo is schockly cheap compared to Denmark and Norway,

Though i heard some of my friends they go to sweden for shopping and groceries.

Its not my first but 2nd time to visit in malmo before im new in europe and i dont know how to convert since im new on that time all expenses is expensive to me hahhaha.



Peak visiting times are Jun–Aug, when the weather is warmest. Winters (Dec–Feb) are cold. Popular regional events include the Midsummer celebrations (Jun) and rhododendron-blooming season (May–Jun) at Sofiero Helsingborg is only a 20-minute pleasant ferry ride from Helsingør. When you come ashore, you are right in the center with Kärnan, Dunkers Kulturhus, lovely shopping streets and lots of good restaurants.

Check my YouTube channel for whole video of my 1 day visiting in Malmö


Enjoy 😘😘

#fin #xoxo


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